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My name is Kelly and I have been dancing at Image Dance Academy for almost 10 years. I take classes in contemporary, tap, jazz, RAD ballet, hiphop, acrobatics, musical theatre and rhythmic gymnastics, dancing 5 days a week. I also student teach many classes throughout the week, an opportunity I am so grateful for as I am challenged to explore who I am not only as a dancer but as a teacher and choreographer. In show group I am given the opportunity to compete and perform all year round in groups, trios and solos. Performing is one of my favourite things about dance and being in show group allows for exposure, competitive training, immense improvement and most importantly a chance to be onstage showcasing to the world who I am and what I am capable of.

Image Dance Academy and the training I have been apart of has has allowed me to successfully audition for full-time dance for 2019, where I will continue to pursue my passion of dance. IDA will always be my home and I am so grateful for the incredible training, memories, opportunities and support I have been given. Christina has taught me that there is no such thing as ‘I can’t’ and that I can do anything I set my mind to, I just have to believe in myself and work hard. Image Dance Academy is a dance school that has it all. A welcoming, friendly and loving environment, supportive and inspiring teachers wanting nothing more than to see their students succeed and outstanding training that allows students to pursue dance either recreationally or competitively. I would not be the driven, passionate, motivated and inspired dancer I am today without Image Dance Academy or principal Christina Constanti.

- Kelly Oldham

Great school Lovely teachers always learning new things.

- Chris

This is a fantastic dance school! The drop in classes makes it great with a hectic life schedule and the dance instructors are all working professionals. My daughter (3) and son (6) take classes here and have been for over a year now and they absolutely love it. I recommend anyone that would like a professional but caring place to take classes attend one or all of the many classes offered at Image Dance Academy.

- Charbel